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Noise assessment and mitigation related to City, County and Federal regulations


Community Noise Ordinance Development and Enforcement Procedures

Community noise ordinance development
and enforcement procedures

Noise Impacts Related to Public Facilities,Parks and Activities

Noise impacts related to public facilities,
parks and activities

New development project noise assessment
and control, and Environmental Impact Review
noise studies

General noise assessment and mitigation procedures


Materials for Noise Control

Selection and application of
special materials for noise control

Machinery Noise Enclosures and Baffles

Machinery Noise enclosures and baffles

Traffic Noise Assessment and Mitigation

Traffic noise assessment and mitigation
for local streets and freeways

Machinery Noise Enclosures

Machinery Noise enclosures and baffles

Walls and Fences for Optimum Noise Control

Design and placement of walls and fences for optimum noise control

Architectural and Interior Building Noise Problem Assessment and Mitigation

Architectural and interior building noise problem assessment and mitigation - such as undesirable noise environments in homes, restaurants, meeting rooms and offices

Measurement and Evaluation of Background  Noise Environments

Measurement and evaluation of
background/ambient noise environments
and individual source noise levels